Blending Buddhist spiritual elements with classic Western motifs, this adventure set in Tibet features a lonely hunter who discovers a sacred stone in the mouth of a deer he just killed. A thoughtful and philosophical adventure feature with a surprising sardonic streak, Soul on a String achieves an impressive balance between Eastern teachings and Western tropes.

“After being hit by a thunderbolt, [the hunter] is revived by a lama and told to take the stone to Palm Print Mountain as penance to cleanse his many sins. The difficult journey attracts an odd bunch of followers: Pu (Yizi Danzeng), a mute scalawag with psychic powers; Gedan (Siano Dudiom Zahi), a mysterious stalker; Zandui (Solange Nima), a wanderer with a wondrously daffy dog.” —Variety 

Make it a weekend: Before the August 13 screening, visit our neighbors Asia Society Texas for a viewing of an intricate mandala sand painting and ceremony performed by Tibetan Buddhist monks from the Drepung Loesling Monestary. Learn more

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Yang Zhang
Tibetan with English subtitles
Running Time
142 minutes
Digital, Color

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